Driving while under the influence is a crime. Many people have lost their lives through road accidents. Some get hit by cars driven under the influence; some get involved with accidents while over speeding and some even end up sleeping while driving due to the influence of alcohol or drugs and some of the results are fatal. This type of crime needs to be handled with very great care. The victims involved are often people whose judgments have been impaired by alcohol or a particular drug. The victims may give a statement when his judgment is interfered with only for him/her to change it later.

People who are also on medication and their cars get into accidents while they are driving are also under this category of crime.


2When such a case arises, the best people to work with are the attorneys in west palm beach dui lawyer. The attorneys deal with the accused with his/her level of understanding. The lawyers are aware that a lot of confusion may arise due to the different statements and are therefore up to the task with their vast years of experience in the job. There are specific lawyers who are experienced in this type of job and every other category of the cases.

If the client is abusing drugs, physicians who work along with the attorneys are involved, and an amicable agreement is reached.


Driving under the influence is an offense, and it can attract harsh penalties. Some of the penalties may include: one being jailed for a specified duration, one’s car will be impounded for a number of days or months. An interlock ignition device may be installed in your car for a year; all these penalties depend on the level of offense, if the offense is greater it attracts a greater penalty. If the accident caused death(s), the penalty wouldn’t be lenient.



3Depending on the DUI case, some of the cases can easily be dismissed. This will need a qualified lawyer who knows how to maneuver such a case. The Hutchinson and Huffman attorneys have exactly what it takes. The lawyers can argue the case well for you, and it may be dismissed, some of the arguments may be that the prosecution cannot prove that the accused was the one driving; this may be successful if the accused had someone else in the car.

The attorneys may also challenge the prosecution to see if really the stop where the accused was stopped and found DUI was an authorized zone for such an activity. There are many ways in which an attorney can challenge a case for it to be dismissed. But it has to be understood that not all DUI cases can be dismissed. The more serious cases may have minimal chances of being dismissed. But all in all with the Hutchinson and Huffman attorneys whether a case is serious or not, the lawyers work to their level best to ensure the desired result is reached at and that the client is satisfied.…