Nikon is known to have the best cameras as it is one of the best cameras for blogging, and because it simply has features that are extraordinary. Nikon has also committed to serving all the film cameras for ten years. Here is what to consider.


The first thing that most people look at is the megapixels. The very first thing that people will look at when selecting a camera is the megapixel count. These days, however, any new camera will have more than enough megapixels for what you need. Sometimes even one lower range that has about ten to twelve will have enough detail for you to blow up your pictures to poster size and you will have no major issues and seriously, how often are you willing to do that?
It may be very nice to have flexibility but once you hit the twenty-four megapixels, the files sizes become way huge, and the Nikon camera is practical because when it comes to shooting at the highest level, it becomes impossible simply because it is not practical.

Full Frame VS Cropped Frame

If you happen to be new to photography, then you do not even have to look at a full frame sensor this means, in other words, that for a Nikon camera you can immediately stop paying attention to the other frames such as the D600, D800 or the D4. This is because they are big and they are very expensive. Unless you happen to be a professional shooter, then that will be overkill for what you are looking for. So it is better if you just save your money for some new lenses and stop thinking about those altogether.
To help make your life a little bit easy as well as set your mind at ease, even more, you should know that the Nikon cheapest DSLR has image quality that in most of the shooting situations will be close to as good as that on their most expensive camera. The D4 mostly. So most of what you are getting with these other expensive cameras is simply more options on the camera controls and other things that professionals need that you probably do not. So it is better to take a good look at these features before buying a Nikon camera as you may end up buying an expensive camera that will not cater to the needs that you will be looking for in a camera. It is advisable to take as much time as you need before making that step.